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To all members upgrading for the first time,

For your safety and security, you are required to provide all necessary details as stated in the HIMABet VIP upgrading policy. It will take up to 2 business working days for our team to review and verify the information provided. We will then update your latest status and information in our system, and after that, your journey as a VIP member will begin!

To ensure that the transformation goes smoothly and efficiently, please adhere to all upgrading regulations. Feel free to contact our Customer Care agents should you require assistance.

Benefits As Our VIP

Minimum Deposit 1,000 NPR
Daily Withdraw Limit 3
Vip Upgrade Bonus -
Birthday Bonus -
Rebate Bonus 0.2%
Minimum Deposit 320,000 NPR
Daily Withdraw Limit 4
Vip Upgrade Bonus 1,888 NPR
Birthday Bonus 1,388 NPR
Rebate Bonus 0.3%
Minimum Deposit 1,200,000 NPR
Daily Withdraw Limit 5
Vip Upgrade Bonus 3,888 NPR
Birthday Bonus 3,588 NPR
Rebate Bonus 0.4%
Minimum Deposit 5,000,000 NPR
Daily Withdraw Limit 6
Vip Upgrade Bonus 7,888 NPR
Birthday Bonus 7,588 NPR
Rebate Bonus 0.5%
Minimum Deposit 8,000,000 NPR
Daily Withdraw Limit 7
Vip Upgrade Bonus 25,888 NPR
Birthday Bonus 23,888 NPR
Rebate Bonus 0.6%
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